AymenBou Software Developer

My Expertise

Some of my favourite design and programming languages that I like to use and the respective developer tools that I use daily.


Basics are sometimes the best and most effective. Bootstrap and HTML5 used to create elegant, fluid and responsive layouts


4+ years experience using Ruby and its framework Rails with PostgreSQL for the database. Javascript used for client-side scripting and sprucing up websites with its many libraries.


Git and Github is very important for me, even more so if I'm working on a big project involving many branches.

Saas-Rails, a gem to be used with Ruby on Rails allows for integrated variables and nesting.

Learnt C++ at an early age and continue to use it and recently been programming in Java for the past couple of years

Heroku used to deploy local apps to production and VisualStudio is my go to IDE when working in Java or C++

Featured Projects



  • Ruby on Rails / PostgreSQL / JSON / Javascript

Trading Card Collection Tracking and Analytics Application. I created an API that scrapes Amazon and eBay, performs rigourous checks on each search result to ensure searches are relevant to each trading card; therefore giving the user an accurate valuation of their collection.

Learnt how to use payment API's such as Braintree and Stripe to accept payments and set up web-hooks to perform account charges every month.

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Currency Blockchain (Coffee)

  • Java

This aptly named blockchain (Coffee) was created so that I may gain a better understanding behind decentralised protocols and exactly what makes them so secure and permisionless. I learnt numerous things about Blockchain currencies specifically the need to mine blocks and how each miner gets rewarded for providing hashing power which not only keeps the network secure but validates the users transactions.

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Bitcoin Algeria

  • HTML / JS / PostgreSQL

Non-Profit Organisation I founded to spread blockchain knowledge to the people of Algeria and Africa in general. Past all the glitz and glamour what is actually going behind the scenes and what makes Protocols such as Bitcoin so powerful.

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  • Ruby / Rails / JS

Uses a number of API's to track information on the top 10 crypto currencies to update the prices and provide interesting statistics for each. Scheduler is used so that the website keeps up to date with the latests and make sure that the webapp is updated.

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